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ID Card Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies for your Card Printer

Kit Price - $ 29.95 Each   

IDCardz.com Printer Cleaning Kit

The IDCardz.com cleaning kit comes complete with the following items:

  • 5 Head Cleaning Cards - These cards clean the print head and card path of your printer and should be used every other time you replace the ribbon.

  • 2 Thermal Printer Cleaning Pens - This pen cleans the printer head and inaccessible areas of the card path.  Use this after running the printer cards.

  • 20 Wipes - for cleaning the print rollers and other areas of the card printer.

Additional Box of Cleaning Cards - Set of 50 - $29.95

Additional Box of Cleaning Swabs - Set of 50 - $29.95

Cleaning Rollers for Eltron 300-400 Series Printers
(Including Zebra, CIMage and Polaroid)
  $ 29.95 for a set of 5



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