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Holographic ID Cards - Embedded Holograms for Security


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Embedded Hologram Cards

Blank PVC ID Cards for ID Card Printers
Secure Embedded Hologram Cards

100% Genuine Blank 60/40 Composite Cards - Polished Surface Front / Polished Surface Rear - Ready for use in your ID card printer. These Ultra grade cards have embedded holograms within the card for added security.  Custom holograms are available for orders of 10,000 cards or more by custom quote.  These cards will work with ANY ID card printer and provide a crisp, quality secure card.

Historically, adding visual security to a card required an upgrade in printer functionality or thousands of dollars in tooling fees and a large minimum order. Until now, many organizations have been unable to achieve the high level of customization necessary for added security. Bristol ID is pleased to offer the solution: Embedded Hologram Cards. Our embedded hologram allows the security feature to be inside the card, thus restricting card tampering.

  • CR-80 Size (3.375w x 2.12h)
  • All Cards Wrapped in 100 Card Packs
  • Thickness - Variable 30Mil (Standard ID Card Thickness)
  • Color - Standard - WHITE 
  • Minimum Order - 100 Cards
  • Pricing starting at 90 Cents Each for 100 cards
  • See our Cleaning Supplies to Maintain Your ID Card Printer
30 Mil PVC Cards for ID Systems with Holograms
100 Cards 200 Cards 500 Cards 1000 Cards
90 Cents Ea.
20% Discount
25% Discount
30% Discount
All PVC card products, smart cards, and ID Card Printer ribbons are non-returnable.
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